Welcome to my little corner of the world, on this website there will be lots of black and white photos, and they will be taken on film, I process both negatives and paper myself but I also scan the negatives so I can upload them of course.

I use two different cameras.

As a small and easy to carry camera I use a Flexaret Va TLR that look like this:

It shoot 6×6 negatives on 120 film and is from the sixties somewhere but still works well, this is no top of the line TLR in any way, but it works well.

For lanscape and more flexibility I use a Mamiya RB67 Pro SD:

This is a heavy beast but it shoot 6×7 negatives and 120 film, got very good lenses and is fully mechanical so no batteries to worry about.

If there is interest I will post some blogs about equipment and other stuff also, nothing is set in stone yet.

So welcome and hope you will find something you like here.

Mikael / MagicLight